Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Among the missing

Hi folks, yes I have been missing since October 27th when my cable company who has absolutely no sense of humor shut off my cable/internet/phone. But I won, payed something on my bill and I am back. But I have not been slacking! Doing alot of work to get put up in my shops. I do have to do something when I can't play on the internet! I am going to get motivated to start doing alot of posting of new items in my shop for the upcoming holiday's. Tomorrow I get to go buy some beads to finish my butterfly bag. That will make me very happy. When I got on the computer tonight for the first time in over a week, I had an email from a friend/customer/fellow Etsian. DZ Fantasy, I don't know if you have ever read Donna's blog but I think she does a great job and features many, many great Etsy shops. This week she started a post for Holiday shopping featuring a great bunch of shops and I was pleased to find she had included me. I just love her! Any way, if you haven't had a chance yet please go visit Donna's blog, she does a super job of showing alot of shops:


Well as I said, I have been keeping very busy, also working alot of hours at the cafe, one of the things we accomplished at home this week was tree removal. I have (had) a huge tree at one of the back corners of my house. It has some kind of nuts, remind of chestnuts but I have not been able to find out what they are, every fall it rains nuts and casings all over the back yard, you hear them pounding the roof as they fall and clean up takes forever. Have been having a problem with a really bad leak in my roof. I replaced part of the roof 2 years ago and it did not help, come to find out this tree had gotten so big the roots were getting down under the foundation and un leveling my house. So the tree had to go. Lucky for me, my son works for a home painting and restoration company and he likes big toys so at the top of this post you see him moving his toys after taking the tree down.
I will have a few post's coming up over the next few day's so for now I will say good night. I am so happy to be back!


  1. lol, yeah, those silly people expect to be paid every now and then. Odd of them, but what can you do? ;)

  2. Glad you're back :) Welcome back! Blogging is so fun! :)


  3. I feel lost without the internet! We had some trees removed in the spring and I wish we had known somebody who could do it! It wasn't cheap!

  4. I truly hate not having my internet, it feels like I have no social life without it. How sad is that LOL! But I do find I enjoy my blog more and more.

    And that tree would have cost me a fortune if my son did not do it for me!