Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Tonight

I have been rather quiet the last few days. I do go through times when the pain is so bad that I just don't accomplish much. Now that I am back to working a normal job, I have to hide the fact that I am in pain until I get home so accomplish even less because I am exhausted from pretending I am up and feeling good. I don't mind though, it is good for me! But I have been on a mission to list a new item in Etsy each night, have been concentrating on getting my sequined ornaments in there because the season is so short but tonight I listed this bag, this was rather inexpensive to make, great for a teenager in case they lose it or break it but mainly I wanted to get it up because it is red. Bright , Cheery, Christmas red. I am now feeling like it is time to get the Christmas spirit, my daughter is wanting to put her outside lights up , so yeah, it's time :)


  1. Hi, Debbie

    Love the red amulet bag! I do so admire your your determination and great spirit. Keep on "keeping on".


  2. Wow! This is so pretty. It's true - your determination is admirable.
    Daily Paint Journal

  3. Thanks ladies, I promise, I will keep on "keepin on"!