Monday, August 15, 2016

Months passing

A few day's ago, in a conversation on Facebook, someone brought up that I should blog.  Well obviously they don't know me well enough to know I am not great with words but I have enjoyed sharing my everyday life with everyone here and all at once I realized I have not posted in many months.  Well...let me tell you...a whole lot of stuff has gone on since my last post in April.  Starting with emergency surgery.  Yup!  Last post I was sharing that I still wasn't feeling good and getting ready to find out why.  I was scheduled for a colonoscopy that actually ended with me in the emergency room and I spent 3 weeks during the month of May in the hospital after having a large section of my large intestine removed and a colectomy.  This was horrible but I am spending each night sending thanks out to the powers that be because I was days away from sepsis from a total intestinal blockage which would have ended my life if not discovered when it was.  I also have to have my gall bladder removed.  During tests for the colon a ultra sound showed the problems with the gall bladder.  The ER doctor looked me straight in the eye and said "you have so many stones in there it should have been removed 10 years ago"  but..the surgeon does not agree so we still have that equipment LOL.  The healing process has been long and slow so I am not getting much of anything in my life accomplished but I guess I don't really mind, I take it one day at a time.  I think the hardest part of healing is eating.  I have to follow guidelines for diabetes, then I have to follow guidelines for the Colectomy.  Then I have to follow guidelines for the gall bladder.  So each diet conflicts with the other and I spend more time finding something I can eat that is ok on all 3 diet plans, I often wonder if I shall starve to death before I find an ok food!  On the upside, I have lost 25 lbs. to date.

The hardest part of this whole mess is of course the financial devastation.  Between problems with what my insurance will and will not cover, money taken for my Medicare, the cost of daily supplies that no insurance will pay for ....yes I am in a mess.  I am always in a mess and that has never been a secret but this one is far beyond my coping skills so I spend a great deal of my time just researching what I can do to begin to fix things.  Nothing works so far but I keep keeping on.  Chin up , optimism in place , I just keep looking for that miracle.  I have a friend taking my beadwork to some public events and some is on consignment at a spa.  I am working on ornaments for the shop until I am cross eyed and my grand daughter and I just reactivated my Avon business.  Oh and just to make sure I am covering all the bases I faithfully enter my numbers in the Publishers Clearing house sweepstakes.
Putting my name in for the DIY Blog Cabin and Woman's Day Magazine giveaways is giving a way a big chunk of money in January of 2018...think I can wait that long?   As you can see they have not yet managed to remove my sense of humor.  I hope to be showing some new work soon but can't promise much.  If your ready to start decorating, my sequined ornaments are popping up in the Etsy shop.  If you need back to school makeup or some new perfume check out our online Avon store:
Enjoy the last little bit of summer!