Monday, August 14, 2017

The Men in our life

Okay I admit once I made up my mind to start really paying attention to getting our Avon business out there, I have gotten really engrossed in doing so.  Today while trying to think of something to post in our FB page it occurred to me that I do tend to forget about men's products.  That happens when you spend as many years without a spouse as I have !  But it is time to work on our gift lists for the holiday's.  Yes I know it's only August but it is a really good time to start thinking about ideas.  Avon has a wonderful line of men's products that is perfect for gift giving.  It's great if your significant other likes certain products and you want to keep him stocked and it is just as great for the cousin, nephew, friend who you really don't know what to do for. 
This morning I decided to make up a bunch of "Men Only" sample bundles.  Here again , it's not something I thought of until now but I think many of my customers would love a little bag full of different things for her men might want to try. 
I think I need to start a notebook as I am learning to come up with new ideas so I don't just forget about them 2 months down the road because I tend to do that. 
Yup I have leaped into this project head first, the funny part is that I have been selling Avon for as long as my kids have been alive.  I have always loved it but never had the urge to represent it the way I am now.  Funny, old age or social media?

okay a little shameless self promotion and then I will wish you a happy day!

Have a great summer day my friends!