Sunday, December 27, 2015

Love, peace and Happy Holiday's

Hope every one is enjoying life, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, whatever you may celebrate this season!  Next week brings a new year and lot's of changes in my life.  At the end of October my dad finally finished his struggle with cancer and went to join my mom.  Obviously leaving me with many mixed emotions, relief that he was done suffering.  Relief that I could return to my own life, relief that I know in my heart my mom was waiting for him.  Yet it has been a bit different than I envisioned it would be.  I find myself more emotional than I thought I would be.  I feel more sorrow than I thought I would.  Yet, I am so very happy with myself that I was able to hold it together and care for him up until the very end so he could remain at home.  Maybe the quality of life was not the best due to the every day struggle of his illness but it was definitely better than it would have been if I had needed to put him into nursing care.  He had his favorite chair, his tv, king of his remote,  I catered to what he wanted to eat or could eat, did what ever was needed to keep him comfortable.  So I have no regrets.

I spent some time playing with clay because my littlest grandbaby needed a new bank, the one I gave her when she was born is almost full so while I was doing that I made one for the baby we are waiting for.  My oldest grand daughter is due any day so I shall shortly become Great Grandma!  We know it is a girl and her name will be Catherine Elaine.  I am very excited for her arrival !

Now that my job as my dad's caretaker is done, I become my daughters.  As most of you already know she has Chronic Lyme Disease and because of this many, many life altering illnesses and at 37 needs a great deal of help.  She needs it physically, emotionally and financially.  This week I will be learning how to care for a pic line and administer medications.  I am going to spend this week on the phone looking for financial assistance for her, it is time to take some pressure off of me yet I at the same time I sit here trying to think of how else I can raise money to care for her.  Seems like a never ending circle of the same stuff all the time.  As much as things change, they stay the same and I am on a forever hunt for solutions. 

But all that aside, I really just wanted to touch base with you today to wish you the best of the Holiday's!