Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life in your face

I haven't posted in a while, haven't had 5 minutes to do anything so I thought I would catch up just a bit. A bit over a month ago I decided I had to make one more attempt at a part time job and took a position as a cashier at my local market. Just a few hours, a few day's a week running groceries through a scanner. Then my old boss who also happens to be my landlord called out of the blue and asked if I was free for the weekend to help with sidewalk sales during our last weekend celebration of the summer. By the end of the weekend she has asked me if I wanted some part time hours and I said yes because I want to stay in my house. My daughter has finished moving out so I am alone and just not ready to leave here. The same weekend that my boss asked me to work the outside sales, my ex-husband had a very serious ATV accident and suffered some very major brain injuries. Since we are divorced and he never married his girlfriend my son was the only one with the authority to make life and death decisions. At 26 years old that is not something any kid is ready for and it has been a tough haul. 3 weeks later the ex is stable but mentally in some serious trouble. So between trying to keep up with 2 jobs, finish packing odds and ends for my daughter, take care of all the animals in the house , help support my son while he takes care of dad and still babysit my grandkids...........I have not had 2 minutes to rest, to pick up my beadwork, play on the computer. But I am working on it and hope to be more scheduled to find some me time soon!