Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please say a prayer

I posted about my cousin Amy amonth or so ago. We have known for a while Amy would be deployed soon for her 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. This picture of her is with her husband Todd. They met during Amy's 1st tour in Iraq and were married after finishing that tour. We were all very happy she has been away training and just got a pass to spend just a couple of day's home with Todd for Thanksgiving. Went back to training yesterday and my Aunt just now found out that Amy is being deployed in 24 hours.
She is good at her job, she is to be proud of. I thankful that she and Todd were able to be together for Thanksgiving. Now I pray that she is watched over and kept safe while she once more does service for our country. I pray that God helps my Aunt and Uncle stay strong and have faith. We love you Amy, our thoughts and prayers are alway's with you till you return home to us again.


  1. Saying a prayer for Amy and all the brave people she will be working alongside in Iraq

  2. She and all of the other soldiers over there are always in my prayers :) My brother survived two tours there...and is now happily retired! May they stay safe and sound.