Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bead embroidery done

Please excuse my Butterfly, I uploaded it by accident and can't figure out how to take it off. That's okay though, she's a pretty one. The Butterfly has been my business logo since 1989 and I am alway's looking for pretty ones to use.
I finished the bead embroidery on my experiment today. Since then I have been giggling my butt off. The embroidery work has taken me 37 hours. So if I charged minimum wage for my labor alone I already have the price up to $271.00. MMMMMM I don't think that would work out well for sales but you never know. Any way at this point , I have changed my mind about the end product. This piece has some weight to it. If I add lining, fringing, and a neckchain it would not be easy to wear. So this piece will be just a Credit Card/Business Card holder to tuck in my purse. The size is perfect! So now I am getting ready to line it and stitch it together so the next picture I post will be the finished product. Hope your having a great week.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A New Project

I love beaded embroidery. I seldom do much with it because it is very time consuming and uses ton's of beads. I was curious though, never really did enough to know how long a peice would take, exactly how much materials it would take, would there be any real interest in finished peices. So I am conducting a study. When finished this will be an Amulet necklace, about 2" wide by 3" tall. It will have to be fully lined so the stitching is all hidden, I am recording the amounts of seedbeads and the amount of work hours, start to finish. Then I will figure out what something of this nature would retail for. This summer, I might, be selling my work as a sidewalk vender and it will be fun to have some peices like this just to gauge peoples reaction. Not only to the work but to the price. LOL. I will show you a picture from time to time as this progresses.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your thoughts please

As you know a few months back, I handed over the sequined ornament department to my daughter so she could open an Etsy shop. This weekend I realized I was suffering from withdrawel. I love sewing sequins onto shapes and making things glitter. So I took a break from my work and spent some time playing in the sequins. After I finished a Butterfly for the project that's still being worked on , I was curious about what it would look like in a necklace so played a bit longer. When I was finished my granddaughter who will be 14 next week and a bit more mature than I would like said that teenagers would love wearing these , it was truly awesome.
So I am pondering this. Personally, I love it, I love sequins, I love the sparkle and the sort of fantasy effect. But the question is, would normal people be interested in buying sequin jewelry? I know there alot of new fads out there so I don't truly trust my own opinion.

So I am asking you. Please give me your thoughts.....if you have a teenaged daughter would you purchase this item? What would be an agreeable price? Any and all thoughts welcome here while I decide whether or not to try it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Good morning everyone, I would like you to meet Milo, our cat. Milo said he was tired of the dogs getting all the glory and he want's his moment in the limelight. Truth be know, the only time he is around is for meals and naps so we seldom get to take pictures and right now he has a cold so we are constantly wiping his eyes and my granddaughter has actually figured out how to blow his nose. Since when does a cat catch a cold in April?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday catch up

I just looooove this amulet necklace. Love the color's love the branch fringing , heheh love the fact that I made it and listed in my Etsy shop Today!

This week has gone by very , very quickly. The weather has been awesome. A few day's of gloomy rain but for the most part that gorgeous sunshine was out there. 2 day's midweek it was actually warm enough to sit out side and I literally spent 2 full day's sitting on the front porch, doing my beading and watching the world go by. I love it, my time of year. outside , still accomplishing my work, staying away from the computer until almost bedtime. Heaven. That made me feel very good, now I look forward to feeling better because sitting on my porch working is what I will do until next September when the warm day's start to fade away.

Lot's of drama and tears going on in my house, daughter and her boyfriend having some serious issues, I am ignoring all of it. I actually have gotten alot of work done, put up several listing's in my Etsy and Zibbett shops and did some listing's for my daughter in her Etsy shop. We haven't really had time to sit down together so I can teach her how to run her shop as in the posting and listing, etc.
Any way, I have a maybe an hour before we lose the sunshine so I am going to take a very slow walk, Just wanted to see if your all having a great weekend. I truly hope so!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Mine was rather quiet. It was good though, we had a nice dinner, My son and his girlfriend were with us and my daughters boyfriend. I missed coloring Easter Eggs. Alway's a big tradition, my grandson was with his father and my granddaughter was with a friend on a week end sleep over so, we passed this year. I did not realize how just not right it would feel to me to not have everybody making a huge mess in my kitchen!
I have gotten caught up on some work, I love working with pastel seedbeads so I am definately feeling like "spring" is here and using the colors. I listed these today, one on Ebay, one on Zibbett and one on Etsy.

I realized today, you have probably noticed at the very bottom of this page is a paypal badge and blogger special note but I never explained it to you. Here it is. You know I make sequined ornaments and have taught my daughter to make them. She recently opened an Etsy shop and now has taken over making the ornaments and we pulled them out of my shop.
An anytime offer for my blog readers: If you would like a sample of her ornaments you can purchase for a special price of $1.50. That just covers the padded envelope and first class postage. You won't get a choice, what ever we have enough of done we will pick one. Any way just make a paypal payment to me at :
In the message to seller area write blogger special. We will send you out an ornament. That simple, a way for me to say thank you for reading my blog. Every once in a while I will put up a reminder notice but this will always be here.

Time for bed, have a wonderful week.

Spring Colors