Friday, November 6, 2009

A question for you.

Happy Friday everyone. Tonight is the first of a few posts concerning feedback and advice on some ideas. I am starting a major brain storming session. Sitting here tonight actually realizing how close we are to Christmas, thinking about finances. I am alway's in a financial crisis. Actually pretty used to it since I have been going through it for the last 30 years as a single parent. I do ok. I deal with the ups and downs of trying to keep the bills paid for basic living expenses. I am not a materialistic person, never really wanted much (except more beads!)
have alway's been a very creative person figuring out a way to deal with most shortcoming's to as they say "deal with the hand I'm dealt. My one down fall is Christmas. Right now, as you know, I have my 2 grandchildren with me, my daughter and I have worked together to keep things afloat, right now though , she is going through some serious medical issues and can't work until some testing she is having done have results and our MD finds the right specialist for her to see. So, I need to come up with ideas to kick start my creative money making skills to make sure my grandchildren have Christmas. I am not talking expensive, extravagant , unecessary gifting. I am just talking, a few things they want under the tree, the extra money to spend on food items to bake cookies and make a gingerbread house. You know the little things that make it Christmas.
So, here goes with tonights brainstorm:

I want to hold a open house/Holiday boutique at home showcasing both my Avon and my Jewelry. I would want to have a lot of product of both kinds for cash and carry, not take orders because I would want to do it around the first week of December. Having the product is not a problem. Big order to Avon the week before and lot's and lot's of beading when I am at home.
My question is this......
A. I don't have any idea how to pull this off. I really do not know a lot of people that are local and might possibly attend, How could I advertise this to get people I don't know to possibly come. A flyer ad? Pretty little invitation's handed out to people we run into?
I know alot of people have done this event and I am looking to any of you that has some experiance to give me some ideas, advice, don'ts,
Please, any information you can share with me would be sooo appreciated. Either in my comments or my email. I know that some one is out there that can give me some good ideas.
Thank you, I will spend some time brainstorming for the next idea.
Hope you are blessed with a great weekend.


  1. Find some other local crafters and let them setup in your home and bring some snacks to be served. You will need people to keep an eye on things in other rooms of your house so they will serve 2 purposes. They can bring the snacks and watch things plus get to sell their wares and they can invite people they know!

    Small classified ad in the newspaper. Also maybe some locals stores would allow you to put up a flyer. Email locals and ask them to pass it on.

    These are my tips. I hope your home show is a big success!

  2. Thank you Christie Cottage, those actually some great idea's, could turn it into something really fun.