Saturday, November 7, 2009

Etsy Black Friday

I must take a few minutes each day to wander through the Etsy forums. I don't actively post alot, have to much to learn myself to be of much help to any one else. Any way that's besides the point. This morning I saw a thread about having a Black Friday sale and this was the first time I had seen anything. So, right now I think I will take advantage of any promotion that is going on to draw some attention to my shop and decided I will join in. I am working on getting more stocking stuffer items in the shop (bookmarks and keyrings mostly) But I have decided that I am going to do a weekend deal, starting Black Friday through The weekend I will offer 25% off any purchase in my shop. This means no profit but right now I am really focused on getting people to notice my shop and I have found those that buy from me, realize that my work is so much better than my pictures (I have tried everything , I suck at photography ) they become repeat customers. So if I can get them in there once there is a good chance they will come back.
So Black Friday sale here we come, are you thinking about doing it?


  1. :) Great sale! Did the forum you see happen to be this one:

    Whether it was or wasn't, I am trying to find black friday sellers to possibly shop at on Black Friday and to promote on my blog that week. Come post your shop in the forum with what you sell and what your sale is and I'll feature you on my blog... !

    PS: I get what you mean about the items vs. the photography. :)

  2. I am not sure who the author of the thread was but I will look for the one you listed. Thanks