Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm found

I know I have been missing a bit, was dealing with some issues, had to shut down a bunch of stuff I was doing and lost some things. I decided I really didn't want to lose my blog even though I seldom have anything earthshaking to share so I have spent this evening clicking things to find it and restore it. So here I am and up top is a picture of the cuff I just posted in my Etsy shop tonight. I really love making these darn things!
Alot of things going on right now, for starter's I am getting ready to attempt a job once more. I know, I tried, I failed, I gave up. Sorry that's just not who I am so I am going to try again and see what happens. Mean time, I have shut down my zibbet shop. Concentrating on building my Etsy shop takes alot of my time and lets face it, when your on a site for 1 year and 3 weeks without a single sale what's the point? I have struggled for years trying to get 100 items listed in Etsy and haven't made it , of course each time I reach 50 something I have a few sales and that number drops again but maybe if I reallly concentrate and work on it I can get 100 items before Christmas shopping season. See you later ;o)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day dreaming with beads

One of my favorite things to do! Grab some piles of beads and thread a needle and just let them dictate where to go from there. My mom got several of these great Cherry Quartz Donuts on a special sale, gave me one to see what I would do with it. It's really large so I knew I didn't want fringe but needed a good focal point in the front. So I pulled out the glass and the freshwater pearls and here's what we have! Can't wait to see what mom does with hers.

My Green Thumb

I admit it. I don't have one. Give me a plant and I promise I can kill it in one week. But I am so very excited about what's happening in front of my house. I live in the city and have no front yard. Just the few inches before the side walk and a little 3 ft by 3 ft square next to the porch.
I used to spend a fortune buying flowers everyspring and planting them in this spot. A few years ago I noticed in my backyard (small jungle) I had a lot of wild morning glories growing. Little by little I started digging up the little sprouts and transplanting them in the front. They were very small and straggly and for a while they looked like they were going to die. But then they took hold. What you see here has happened just over the last few weeks and even though they are not out today because it's a truly gloomy , rainy day, I have lot's of buds ready to flower when the sun peeps out. I can't wait to show you how much they grow in the next few weeks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching my breath

The day's are just flying by, I feel like I have been crazy busy ad I don't really know why!
So first off, let me ask...anyone having any success with Christmas in July? I sure haven't. I have put almost all my items at about 1/2 price. I have renewed something at least twice a day.......nothinggggggg! Oh well it was worth a shot. Hope someone out there has had better luck.
This brings me to something else. July 18th was my one year anniversary on Zibbet. Have never had a sale in that shop. I will admit I don't put anywhere near the same amount of work into it but is it worth hanging on or just stay concentrated on my Etsy shop?
I am truly thinking I will be wiser to close it and just chanel that time and work into Etsy. Course there is so much controversial stuff going on in the Etsy forums that has me a bit concerned but I don't get involved in that so maybe it's best to ignore and continue to cultivate my little corner ;o)
Well I have some really good new's to share, I have talked to you about my cousin Amy. Her time in Iraq has ended for now and she returned to American soil 2 day's ago. This of course is truly wonderful for my family.
The downfall being, she was to be there 12 months and they for whatever reason finished early so the possibility that she could yet be attached to another unit and go back to Iraq for a third
tour is very possible. We can only wait and see.
My sister got home yesterday for a visit yesterday. She and her husband live in Dubai, UAE, or as she calls it "the land of sand" Can't wait to see her, she's only here for a week and it will still be a few years before she can move home.
Just about the time she leaves, my brother who lives in California will be home for the yearly visit. Hmmmmm I guess I do have a few reason's to be busy right now, so I am going to leave you with this "Happy,happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just a quick catch up

Just thought I would stop in very quickly to see how everyone is doing! I posted a picture of Prince Alex on top just because I think he is the cutest thing , I may a bit partial though.
I have spent this past week, any time I can get on line just editing Etsy listings with my sale prices for the Christmas in July sale. I have my fingers crossed that this sale brings me some visits ;o) The high heat and humidity has not let up. I don't think I have ever used my air conditioning as much as I have the last few weeks but I am trying not to complain, before you know it Fall will be here and our winter is soooo very long. I am hoping to post some pictures of new work here very soon. In the mean time, happy Friday, hope your looking forward to a great weekend.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost Back!

I am happy, I just got the computer my brother offered me and as soon as my daughter has some time off she will get me hooked up! Then maybe things can get back to normal here ;o)

In the meantime, how many of you are participating in the Christmas in July sale on Etsy? I have had an Etsy shop since October 2007 but so far have not done the CIJ sale. As an added way of working on my new mission I decided that I will try it this year. Add that to the fact that there are alot of peices that I would like to move out of the shop so over the next few day's I will be editing and pricing just about everything in the shop. Most items will be up to 50% off.
I don't know if most people feel this way but when I list an item and it sit's and sit's through several renewal's I am happy to put it on sale and give it a home. I guess I just don't like work to "sit" for a long time even though it is never been used, worn, played with since I made it.
I used to be the same way when I did craft show's, if I took the same necklace to every show for a year I felt like it was old and either sale priced it, gave it a way or took it apart to reuse the beads for something else.

Hope everyone is enjoying life , I am staying in the house with the AC on because the heat has been killer for the last week. Have a great day and I will see you on a more regular basis soon.