Sunday, November 15, 2009

Need your help

Today's post is a very obvious self promotion but I need to ask you for your help. Everybody knows I sell Avon. I have a handful of customers that I service in person, not alot because I just am not able to get out there often enough. I also have an online store. So here is the thing, I have to pay to have this online presence and so far, it has cost me monthly for little return. I opened it thinking, everyone does so much online it would be really conveniant to have a build a good customer base. But so far, I do not get the traffic to make it worth while and am taking the opportunity to push it and build it for Christmas or in January cancel it and cancelling is not what I want to do. Let me ask you a couple questions....
Do you like Avon products but don't have a reliable rep in your area?
Do you have friends that have this problem?
Do you enjoy online shopping?

If you answer yes to any of those questions. Shopping my online store is very easy. When you go to my website, Browse around a bit. Then register as my customer. You can then click on shop now, then click on shop brochure, it will put your choices in your shopping cart, when you finish shopping it will ask you to register if you didn't do that before shopping, then it will ask you if you want personal delivery or direct delivery. Choose direct Delivery. It will then ask for payment and after payment verify your shipping info. In less than 10 day's your order is in your mailbox. Easy!

Of course right now, Avon has a lot of gift ideas' and special sales to take care of alot of the people on your Holiday shopping list. I would love it if you either became a customer of mine or shared my website with friends that may want to become my customer. Thank you for thinking about it and letting me self promote my Avon, which is something I don't normally do here.

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