Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I just finished this very special amulet bag.  I beaded with purpose with my thoughts on my

mom.  On next Monday we will be observing the one year anniversary of her passing.  It does

not seem possible , my pain is still so strong, my thoughts about her hit out of no where at any

time of the day and night.  I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten up to go to the

other room to talk to her and then remember she is not there.  Any way, my mom absolutely loved

the color gold.  We used to tease her all the time, if she could make it with gold beads she would.

If she could spray it with gold paint, she would.  If she could cover it in gold material...yup, she

would.  So I grabbed a box of gold seed beads, which I normally would not use but I had these

because I got a great price on them, forget the fact that they are not very uniform and hard to

use in the work I do, but I was determined to make something with them.  I still have a good amount

of supplies from mom's stash so I found the faux pearls, very creamy and a good match for the gold.

I found the crystal prism, it seems to have an AB coating in a light shade of gold and everything just

shouted to me that it all belonged together.  So this amulet bag evolved while I thought about my

mom.  I actually like it and will put it into my shop, a tribute to an amazing woman.