Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm working

I am having the best Saturday. I have the day off from work and after sleeping in I decided today was a good day to spend in my studio and work on ornaments. I want alot available this year, they are inexpensive and pretty. But the are a really involved process, after stamping my felt, I have a bit of painting to do before I start sequining. So today I have painted Santa's faces, I have painted and glittered the belly's on my Dragons,Dragonfly's and Sea Horses, and glued my little acrylic rhinestone ornaments on my christmas trees, I have done a lot more of each than I have in the picture, just didn't think you needed to see 30 of each thing, now waiting for something to be dry enough to start stitching my sequins. After that each one needs another felt backing. That is actually what makes the ornaments strong. It binds and hides the stitches and the glueing of it stiffens the ornament up quite nicely. I know they last a long time because I have them all over my tree from when I started making them many, many years ago. Yeah for an enjoyable, productive day!

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