Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is smaller better?

I created and finished this beaded painting in just a few day's.  That is because it is small, only 5" by 7". I love the looks of the pictures, believe me you cannot tell how much better they look in person than from the camera but most often the pictures I take come out pretty good.  So I alway's wonder why they don't sell. They are unique, gorgeous and I keep my prices very reasonable.  So I am wondering if it could be the size.
Maybe this is the type of thing were smaller is better, just a little accent piece.  Hmmmm.  could use some input here because I do not want to stop creating them but if they don't sell there is not much point.  I have a pile of them just taking up space in my studio.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Butterfly Bling

Since I unpacked all my studio supplies and got myself set up to work again, I find myself dealing with what I call beadwork burnout.  It happens sometimes, I just get tired of making the same things that I normally just love making.  I have discovered when this happens it is time to just play.  After spending 3 day's last week that is exactly what I did,  I had this canvas all prepped because you know I have to make a butterfly at least once a month but I also want to find some different way's to use my cabs.  So that was my starting point.  I have a handful of leftover freshwater pearls in odd colors that I really don't have anything I can use them in so I stitched them here and there just to use them up. The same goes for the tiny white faux pearls.  I have a big handful of them, really don't want to use them in my jewelry, they are not real.  So I stitched and stitched until I had filled in the butterfly.  When I was done, I liked it but it still did not seem to be enough, it just needed a little more something to make it pop.  So I glued some purple flatback rhinestones in the really open areas.  That did it.  A bit gaudy, a lot eyecatching, a whole bunch of fun just to help me pass through beadwork burnout and start creating again.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pearl Play

Today was one of those day's when my mood said, just play.  Do what you love to do and just play.
So I took some of the clay cabs I made and attached them to the canvas I had prepped for a butterfly.  Then I though, I really want to try using some of my odds and ends of freshwater pearls and started randomly stitching them on.  My grandaughter suggested I use tiny faux pearls to fill in around all the more colorful things so that's what we are doing.  Just having some fun and playing with my pearls!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CLay, clay and more clay

I decided since I needed to make some clay cabachon's that I might better make a day of it and stock up.
I seriously need to get out and stock up on my Sculpy but had so many little balls of leftover pieces since last time I worked, I decided to use them all up before they start getting dry and hard to work.  So I spent my Monday making cabs and flowers.  All Day!!!!   I baked them Monday night and spent many hours on Tuesday sanding them.  I really, really need some new tissue blades.  I know they alway's need some sanding but it's worse when my blades start to dull, edges are bit more raggy than they need to be.  Any way they are done and I think instead of glazing the whole batch at one time, I will just glaze the items I pick to use in a project one at a time.  A productive few days, not exciting but a good feeling for me after the months of not getting much of anything accomplished.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My newest Grandbaby

      Here she is as promised,  Amelia Rose,  This is one of her first pictures so in the weeks she has already changed a bit but I am in love.  Also feel like I am making progress getting back to normal.  My studio is set up and I am actually making things.  I am keeping up with my schoolwork and doing ok at keeping my spirits up.  Maybe things are falling into place one more time.  By the way,  it is Mothers day so Happy Mothers day to all of you Mom's!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can I start again?

Once again I have been out of commission for many months dealing with every day life.  Today as I am starting to get settled again and back into my routine I have spent a bit of time looking through the different social networks and stuff that I used to do on a daily basis.  Really thinking about whether I have the time to start up again or should I just eliminate the areas I haven't had time for.  Some I just closed my accounts but when it comes to this blog I have to think about it a bit more.  It has been a long time since I started it and I know I haven't kept up well, as we know I kind of disappear when life gets rough, but I think I should hang on a bit and try to get better again.  God know's I have been through my share of rough times and they never will stop but I have good times to and where else can I try out experiments on my beadwork and get impartial feedback?  So I think I am going to hang in here a bit longer and see if I can just get back to a better pace.  I do have some good news to share and maybe I can post a picture later,  I have a new granddaughter,  my son and his wife just had their first  so I am full of new grandma pride for the third time.
I will try to post a picture when I get home.  This random thinking things over happened while I was at the library and of course I don't have my camera with me!