Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday ornaments

Sometimes I just need to giggle.  It is that time of year when I am frantic to make more "Christmas" type ornaments.  Santa's and train, boots and mittens......I get my first custom order of the season and does she want Santa's?  Nope she wants butterflies!  I absolutely love it since my favorite thing to make in the world will alway's be my butterflies!  This picture is her order, I just got it listed for her now on to my next custom order.....Chili peppers.  What fun!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thinking step by step

I am in the middle of making some major decisions.  Some may be life changing but I am trying to take my time and think things through very carefully.  This week, I am thinking about the fact that I need to come up with a big chunk of money and it's not going to fall out of the sky so, step one.   I know I have boxes and bags of craft supplies that I don't use.  I alway's think I might someday, that's why I keep them.  Well it's time to get a bit tough with myself and list them item by item on ebay.  Will it solve my financial issues?  No but the fact is , it is a step forward and by putting into motion I will be proactive on working on the problem while I think through the next idea that comes to mind.  Maybe if I can keep myself focused and just keep stepping forward I could surprise myself and come up with a few good plans.  So this week I listed a bag of inexpensive seed beads that I cannot use, a bead weaving loom that is the wrong type for me, today a big old bag of sequins.  Now I will go home and dig through a box to decide what's going on the list tomorrow. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ignoring my sideway's Santa,  tomorrow is thanksgiving and the library is closed so wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Going from one extreme to the other, not being able to work again, I am stitching and beading like crazy trying to revive my Etsy shop.  Doing alot of destashing on Ebay, need to clean out and pare down plus work on this sea of medical debt before the next round starts.  I think it feels good to be able to do these things again and making a point of getting on the computer when I get to the library to post new items and be involved in a bit of conversation. 
Hoping you all have a wonderful time with family and friends during the holiday's.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A fresh start

Ready to make some more life changes, soon I will fill you in a bit on what has been going on but today, the short version is that my Dr. has made me stop working again.  I have some very mixed feelings. I am sad about it, I feel like I have let myself and my coworkers down once again,  I am worried about it, obviously I lose a paycheck with no support but I must admit,  I have put aside my beadwork for a long time and I have missed it.  I am going back to creating each day and finding time to be online and all the little things I used to do.  I am learning to be flexible and more accepting of my own limitations.