Sunday, August 22, 2010

That's what I call Housecleaning!

I have lived in my house for 10 years. During this time my grown kids have kind of taken turns moving in and out depending on their life circumstances. The result of this is my little blue cottage has been bursting at the seams for most of this 10 years. Broken furniture, worn out or grown out clothes. Broken toy's , abandoned collections. You name it , you could find it in my cellar or my attic, or my backroom or my back yard. Overflowing bedrooms. Yeah you get the idea. Last month my daughter, who has been back home since 2008 told me she and my grandson had found a place and were moving. What better time to clean out and pack. The problem was how. I struggled with this realizing alot of what was in the house was not useful to us. Either my home or hers. My son had stuff in the attic that he probably doesn't even remember. Anything recyclable we could take around the corner. We have a center there that gives these items to those in need. The problem was so much of it was just plain garbage and we still had it because we couldn't just put it out to the trash and borrowing someone's truck for a dump run would mean 40 dump runs and a lot of money. So in the end I decided the only course of action would be to rent a dumpster. The idea was a bit scary but I would spend the money any way. So here it is. My dumpster for 10 day's. I almost single handedly have filled this dumpster to the brim in this 10 day's. The money aside. I am feeling very happy with myself. Garbage gone, spot's empty. Yard cleaned up and once my daughter gets her self moved into her new to move in this tiny house!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morning Glory

Yes they are growing! This is the first we have had a good strong sun in a few day's and not alot of the flowers opened but there are lot's on the vines. I love the way it is growing up the side of the house. When they all bloom I have a great group of flowers right at the roof level!

These are growing a bit unevenly but they are filling in. I think I may have to get some twine out there because there is lot of vines that are just really heavy. I think If I tied them up to the porch rail and spread them out a bit it would encourage them to fill in across the front of the railing better.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Baby in the House!

Our new 9 week old baby boy is here. I shouldn't say our's because he was my grandson's birthday gift and he and his mom will be moving into their own apartment in 10 day's. So "Tex" will only be here for 10 day's while I try not to get too attached. We have had a house full of animals for as long as I can remember. My daughter was alway's rescuing and now my granddaughter is doing it. She found this little guy on the side of a road and several of it's sibling were dead in the road obviously having been hit by cars. She brought him home without a thought and fast thinking girl that she is, she walked in the door , stuck her hands out with the kitten in them and said "Happy Birthday Josh!" What could I or Tori's mom say at that point?
Oh well, he's tiny, he's beautiful, doesn't eat much yet and won't be here long sadly, not only is he already very comfy on my couch,.......I'm already in love.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Excitement for me today!

I am not very normal when it comes to shopping. I know shoe shopping excites many people, new clothes for others, Not me. I hate shopping, I hate wandering through stores, I hate dealing with crowds of people. My mom is a shopper. My sister and my daughter are shoppers. But not me. The only time I get excited is when one of them say "Let's go bead shopping". Now that's a whole different ball game and I am so there!.
I bulk order most of my seedbeads,needles and threads from Fire Mountain. Getting that package in the mail excites me. Those other things like accent beads, crystal's, pearls, the things I buy in smaller quantities, I have been making a point of exploring supply shop's on Etsy. I don't get to buy often and don't spend alot of money at one time but oh it is such fun. Any way, I happened to be going through some forum threads and found a shop that I just had to browse through and I am so glad I did. This is a newer seller but her shop is just full of great supplies and her prices are wonderfully reasonable. That's important because you know yourself, it's hard to charge a reasonable price for your own work if you spending big dollars and supplies but at the same time you want to use good materials. Any way, I decided to do a small purchase to check her out and it came in today's mail. I was excited to find the package in my mail box and when I opened it up and examined everything I was so excited and happy I had to take a picture and share it with you. If your looking for this type of jewelry supply, you should take a peek at:
Myself, I will be going back to visit her as soon as I can spend a few more dollars.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feeling a bit bad.

Today I wanted to follow a blog that I fell in love with. I have very honestly said I follow alot of blogs. I enjoy spending hours reading what everyone has to say. To my surprise I got a message that said I was at my limit of blogs I could follow. For real? I guess it should not surprise me, I don't keep track, I just sign in and read whatever catches my eye of new post's on the reading list. I spent a bit of time thinking about what I could do because as I said, I really, really like the blog I just discovered. Then I decided I could weed out some that are really not about what interests me. But how do I do that. Of course I follow alot of beading blogs because there in lies my passion, But the others I follow , I do because they have posted something I enjoyed reading or I have had some type of communication with them, oh a multitude of excuses. Then I thought maybe there was a way I could see if any blogs I follow are no longer active but not closed accounts. Well I found no easy way so started just going through my list, clicking on them one at a time and I did find there are many, many blogs that the owner has not posted in in months. There is my answer! It will be very time consuming but I am going through the whole list and any one that hasn't posted for months I will unfollow. Great thinking, I will free up space and be more selective in the future. What I didn't count on is how bad I would feel every time I clicked the unfollow button. Will they notice? Do they stop in to check?
Can they see that debsparkles left? LOL, yeah, that's pretty sad but I felt terrible and guilty for doing this like I was actually going to hurt someone's feelings. Whats really sad , I have only made it through a few alphabets in my list. Ouch!