Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not enough Time

So Sorry I haven't been keeping up, I am working way too much and just not getting anything accomplished other than sleeping, washing the dishes and going back and forth to work. But tonight I got a bit of a break, only had to work until 2 because I did a double shift yesterday so I was able to get some pictures done, Posted this red Lip balm bag and a few other things in my Zibbet shop, after my visit here I am going to try to get a few items listed on my Etsy shop.
My butterfly bag is still sitting on my work space because I still haven't had time to go buy the accent beads I need to finish it, that's aggravating because I really want to finish it up. The good news is my camera has brand new batteries and if the sun will come out just a little bit tomorrow I want to get a picture of my daughters halloween decorating before I go to work. I have a lot I want to do, how much will actually get done? I'm not making any promises.
I want to spend some time while I am in Etsy tonight to shop surf, I have been doing that when ever I can , hearting shops that I find gifts I can buy for Christmas, I have a problem though, When I look at all the shops I find I have an awful lot of handmade soap shops. I love soap!
Problem is there only a few people on my list that I can get it for. I guess I just have to start making more tips at work so I can start buying all kinds of it for me :)
Have a wonderful week and happy creating!

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