Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer's End

Our summer's in upstate New York are short.  Way too short.  This is my second summer being unable to do anything because I am caring for dad.  No swimming, no picnics, no horse races, and the list goes on.  That said I just cannot let it slip past without finding a way to enjoy it so I have gotten into the habit of spending a few hours sitting on the porch every day.  I set up a little table and some chairs right in front of the living room window .  This way I can just turn my head and peak in at dad every few minutes.  His armchair that he lives in all day is directly across the room in front of this window.  So being able to see him I can get up and go in when he needs me or I see him getting out of his chair.  Otherwise I can sit out there and enjoy the sun and heat and sometimes a breeze that allows my mom's windchimes to tinkle.  Over the last few weeks I have been working on this bead embroidered painting while enjoying my porch time.  Took a while but the only time I have worked on it is while sitting out there.  It is finished and I have exactly one canvas left in my supplies so I think I will pick a sketch and start another.  I can't think of a better way to enjoy the weather and be outside while accomplishing something besides!  Hope your enjoying the weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Moving forward

Yes it is time to move forward.  As you know mom did wire working.  When she left this

life she left a ton of supplies and being I am the only one with an interest in jewelry making

I got them all.  I have spent this last year looking at them, boxes and bins just chock full of wire

and large gemstone beads, cabs and findings.  Ton's of great stuff but the sad truth, most of it

is stuff I will not use in my beadwork.  I have struggled with what to do, it is hard to part with

them just because they were mom's.  I think the time is much shorter these day's before my dad

is ready to join her and I need to start planning what comes next in my life.  As always there is

a huge need of an income for a list of reasons.  I finally realized last night that holding onto supplies

I won't use is not needed to remember mom, they belong with someone who will use them in the

manner my mom meant for them to be and I can use the money.  So, yes I am still struggling, I

started this morning and will slowly list them in my Etsy shop under destash so I can make room for

the supplies I do use everyday.  Mom would be happy I am doing this, just wish it was not such a

thing for me.