Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Stitching away

 So I spent my summer avoiding making jewelry because I just feel so very burnt out because of so many things going on in my life.  I started stitching some bead embroidered pictures.  This is my second larger one now complete.  I think I originally had it in my head that after I accomplished a few I would list them in the Etsy shop for holiday time.  But now I am thinking....while I will list some smaller ones as I get them complete I want to do several more larger canvases and take them into town when the opportunity arises.  We have a great little coffee shop that shows different artists work each month.  I think if I can do 4 or 5 canvases it may be a great bit of exposure.  If not it will be a fun way to share what I do during playtime!  I do think I need to save a bit of money to have them framed first.  The smaller canvases are easy to list ready to frame or hang unframed but the larger ones always seem to call out for framing.  Will have to spend some thinking about that but my instinct say's just get them into some inexpensive frames and they will be much more eyecatching.  That is all I have right now, things have not changed much and nothing new and exciting happening. Tomorrow is October 1st so Happy Fall everyone!