Monday, November 9, 2009

I can't wait any longer

I have been beading this fringe for hours and it is not going to be finished tonight. I had to show you though how it is coming out with the fringing and it is truly the largest peice of work I have ever undertaken. Definately beaded wall art. I can't picture any one being willing or able to wear a necklace this big but it is soooo much fun to create it. I learn something with each new design on I do. Lesson here: the bag is too big so the rest of it will be hugh!!!
Any way, that is the last in progress picture I take, next will be the finished bag.


  1. Beautiful bead work!! Also, I'll never grow up either, love the photo of your sister and bro in law. Fun!!!

  2. Thank you so much ladies. I love it when I experiment and whatever comes out may or may not be what I was attempting to do but just love it any way. I do love this, maybe it's just because I chose the butterfly as my logo when I started Serenity Collections over 20 years ago.