Monday, January 23, 2012

My job as Mom

Something was said to me the other day and my gut reaction was "how does any person treat their child that way no matter how old they are". But then it got me thinking how I as the mom of adult children , view my role in their life. Here it is, When my kids became legally adults it was no longer my job to direct what they do or think, or decide how they will live. If I have done my job right while they were growing up, I have instilled values, morals and the common sense to make decisions about their life and now it is time for them to make those decisions on their own. It is not my place to voice my dislike or condemn them if I am not happy with those decision. I can have those thoughts but that is where it ends, biting my tongue if necessary. What is my job? My job is to love them, support them, cheer them on if they make a good decision, and be just as ready to help them pick up the pieces if they make a bad one. That's it , nothing more is up to me. Your thoughts?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Stress Relief

Yes, my answer to stress. I think I have probably stated more than once that the more I stress the harder I bead and this picture is proof positive. My mom had minor surgery on December 14th and I made arrangements to stay at her house for a while to make sure she followed Dr.s orders. I started making some basic bags to embellish at home later. Of course, typical to my life there has been the usual ton of stressers going on at my own house, lot's of things happening so I just keep beading away and here is the results of this month of stress relief. All new items. Course that gets me thinking, I still need to work harder on other types of items for my shop because amulet bags are just a small niche but I soooo love making them I find it difficult to stop even knowing I need to do more of other things. So yes I will try very hard to make necklaces and bracelets and maybe throw in a earring or two but I cannot fight the urge to continue to do what I have done best for 30 years. Amulet bags, wish bags, treasure bags, call them what you want, they have my heart and passion forever.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I guess it's good to say Happy New Year even though we are a week into it. Hoping everyone's holiday's were good, I must admit mine were the most emotionally painful yet. Life has been more than just a bit rough these past month's but I am using the typical New Resolution to decide that no matter how tough things have been, I will choose to continue being Optimistic. Things will get better, I will continue to work towards my goals, one of them being restoring health for myself and my family, I will learn new beading techniques, or may be not, I am still having a great time with the beaded paintings , and lately I have been working hard on my amulet bag's and enjoying it. I hate the fact that I do not have my home internet and can't put up new pictures. Soon. Soon. I am optimistic I will find a way to get my tv and internet back soon.
So there you have it, my new years resolution is to continue to be completely 100% Optimistic about things to come. What's yours ;o)