Thursday, November 19, 2009


Something happened today at work, just a little thing but I was so struck by the kindness I just had to find a place to express it and what better place than here. The cafe I work at is a bit different. We don't depend on tips because we don't wait tables or serve customer food at the table, they come in or call ahead, pick up their food and leave or grab a table and eat. With the exception of delivery. We service alot of area business at lunch time and deliver. Of course the delivery drivers do make decent tips because they are using their car and gas and out there dealing with the traffic, the payment , etc. Any way, those of us that just make the food, we have a common tip jar at the cash register which some customers will add too but most don't.
We split this jar at the end of the shift with whoever is working that shift and quite often you may go home with a buck from tips but that's just how it is. Any way, one of my co workers does alot of the food work but also delivers during our busy lunch times. Today, after lunch deliveries were finished he came up and handed me $5.00. I looked at him and asked, what's that for?
He said because ________office gave me a great tip and I am sharing it with everybody.
Wow, how nice, that was not something he had to do, his tips are his tips and we would never have any clue how much he made in tips.
So the reason I had to post this is: How blessed are we that we still have people in this world to share something with another for no reason but Kindness! I for one so appreciate that this still happens it helps me continue to have faith in all of us.
Thanks for letting me share.


  1. It is so nice to hear that people are willing to share their matter how big or small. After all of the talk we've been doing around the house about what my 3 year old wants Santa to bring her, I was tickled...and proud when we were at Michael's earlier this week and she wanted to pick out a red, silk rose for give to him...because she thought someone should give HIM a present :)

  2. How great Aly, we should follow our children's lead a bit more often.

  3. Soetning like that puts the faith right back into you when it is just about to run dry.