Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Check in.

Just stopping by to see how everyone's Holiday sale is going. I don't know about you but I am beat. I have since Thanksgiving night been at the computer, promoting, visiting forums, listing new products. Way, way too many hours sitting here so my back is screaming in this chair, my carpal tunnel is out of control, so today, I am going to try to list something new on and off I cannot sit here and do this all day. I did have 3 sales yesterday. That is not great in the fact that the sale price means no profit but it is fantastic in that they were new buyers for me. As I have said before usually when someone buys' once they return because I am proud of the quality of my work and it does give me return buyers. So, once this sale is over Monday night and I put my prices back where they belong, keep in mind I try to keep prices very reasonable all year. In my mind it is necessary. Financially things are tough for many, many people and I don't see it getting better soon. Businesses are still tightening their belts, people are still losing their jobs, I think this the way it will be for along time so in order to keep people shopping we have to be realistic. Just my way of thinking. People with the extra money ,well, God bless them, but we will see less and less for a time. Any way, this was supposed to end on a happy note so , I am happy with my weekend so far and you are too!

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