Monday, May 8, 2017

Rain, Flowers, and other nonsense

Greetings my friends!  I know the picture of this silly little peanut got ya !  This is my great grandbaby Catherine, she is 16 months now.  Holy Cow!!!  Seems like the older I get the faster our days go by.  I am sitting here watching rain drops out the window and wondering...we had non stop rain all April Long.  It is May 8 and it's still raining.  Come on May flowers, enough is enough with the waterworks. 

Just thought I would do a little catch up.  Still dealing with trying to feel better but at this point I am beginning to realize that this is my new normal and I need to just deal with it and feel blessed that I can still do as much as I do.
I haven't done a great deal of beadwork.  I am not sure specifically why, I know my eyes are getting worse every day, my hands are aching but I think it is more a mental thing than physical.  I just don't feel like it ! 
I am playing with my polymer clay.  I really wish I could discover how to get better with it , or should I say, more professional looking.  it's just so much fun sometimes.  My 4 year old grandbaby and I are making a fairy garden so I made a Fairy house over a large glass jar to rule the gardens

This was so much fun and I kept wanting to add more and more little things to it and finally had to say to myself..Hey Deb, this is going to sit outdoors in heat and rain , again, enough is enough.  At least for my first try LOL.

I have spent a lot of time studying some groups who do manifesting.  I like the principal and am doing some of the exercises like journaling the things I am thankful for and the blessings in my life.  I think it is a good exercise just to keep me in the proper mental state of not feeling sorry for myself for what I lack but being thankful for what I do have in my life.  It just kind of puts things into perspective. 

Last but not least I am spending a great deal of time devoting some learning to our Avon business.  I am pretty sure I told you I am teaching my oldest granddaughter so that she can learn to have an income while still being home with that little who at the top.  During this I had to really think about why I do this because we have very few loyal customers.  But I realize that I have sold Avon on and off for about 35 years, I have never had a lot of customers but always had a loyal handful and the reason I keep coming back to it is because I love Avon products, I love the fact that Avon gives in a big way to Breast Cancer Research and Domestic Violence awareness.  I also truly believe that for the people that will get out on the streets everyday and meet people and share the product you really can make a living.  I never have but I retain the dream.  Any way I am spending a lot of time enticing people to check out our online store because getting more customers in the online shop is even more time my grand can devote her time to the baby.  Not to mention we are still trying to create enough income to pay our basic living expenses and make up for what my medical malfunctions have taken from me.  
The great part of having the online store is that anyone can be our customer living anywhere in the world.   If you know of any one that would be interested I will as I always do ask you to share our link.

So these things are what have been keeping me busy and my mind off the fact that I still don't feel as good as I think I should.  I am going out walking every single day, rain or shine, just to feel like I am accomplishing some sense of physical activity and I am sure it is helping in a small way,  I think once the weather is a little bit nicer if I make myself increase my walk each week that will be a good thing. 
Hoping we all see those May flowers soon, have a great week!