Saturday, September 17, 2011

A quick update

This is a new picture of Alex. He is still very much missing his best friend. He spends most nights laying at the top of the stairs just watching and waiting, not realizing Morgan's not coming home. Just makes me want to bundle him in a blanket and carry him around.

I actually just stopped for a quick update. I saw the new surgeon on Thursday and while I do not know much yet I do know Henry has to be removed from my head. The increase in size has the tumor pressing on my brain. That is the cause of the daily headaches and dizziness and some problems with the left side of my body. I don't know when I will be having this surgery yet. This surgeon is very , very thorough. He wants copies of every MRI I have had on my brain and back since 2004. He want's new MRI's on my entire spine. Once he has all this testing and information gathered I will have another appointment with him to see where we are headed. Now back to my sequins.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Am I really?

Doing this in the middle of September????? Yes I am. The fact is I have several reasons one of which I told you last post. People will be holiday shopping soon. I do know not everyone is like me and waits until Christmas week. Second of all...I have been tracking my sales and when I really look, out of the last 10 sales, 7 of them were for ornaments. Not Christmas but still, ornaments.
Third, they make great party favors, different than the norm but in order to do a bulk order even for a small party, I need time.

So I am putting aside the amulet bags and pictures for a bit and working on ornaments so they are in the shop and ready to go!!

A great way to be spending a lovely , sunny September day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I listed my newest bag this morning, some ornaments over the last few days. Trying to stay focused as I watch the medical bills pile up on my desk. Yuck!!!
In the few day's since I posted last we have been making progress, I have my surgeon appointment this week. We got the all clear for Tori to start once again so she has several appointments set up over the next few weeks so we are at least once again striving forward.

Of course at the same time this is a moment where my stomach starts to knot. The pile of bills I am looking at are just from what I have had done this past two months, I will have another pile after the surgeon visit and 2 more piles when Tori starts her appointments so I am looking at being lost at a sea of medical debt on top of everything else.

That means keep my blinders on and work straight forward on my product and list it, advertise it, list it , shout it out, list it...yup that's the idea. If I could ask the world to do anything for me I would ask that you share my link. Yes I know that it's hard enough to keep your own shop out there but there is nothing else I would or could ask for other than a Jeanie in a Bottle that could crinkle her nose and blink her eyes and a pile of cash could appear on my desk!

Happy September!