Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help is no Help at all

I have grumbled several times over the last month because something isn't right with blogspot. Now, when I sign in I can go to my dashboard, I can read other peoples post and now comment on them. Then I go to view my blog. It say's at the top I need to sign in. ?? I am signed in, that's how I got here. I see people have commented on my post but I cannot respond to the comment. If I try it asks me what account I want to sign in with. If I click google account and sign in again....it brings me back to my dashboard. over and over.
Well I got tired of trying to find a solution and went to the help section. A number of people are having these problems and the few who commented with suggestions and possible solutions did not work for me. So I guess at this time there is no fix.

I feel really bad, if you have left a comment on my post, I did take the time to read it. I did try to respond but its just not working..........

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My quite time

Saturday morning found me not feeling well at all. Sometimes when I know I'm in for a bad day I use my head and just spend my time alone in my studio with my critters, my tv and my beads. I knew I could not concentrate on much so decided to continue on making my simple summer chokers and here is what I accomplished. Doesn't seem like much for a full day of solitude but when you know how much time is involved in the simplest of necklaces then you realize it is actually a good amount of work. May be I should do it more often. Sure would fill up my shop faster.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Nights

I love Friday Nights. I have had the day off and spent the day doing my laundry for the next work week. My evening is mine because I have Saturday off too. That means I can stay up as late as I want, start new creations, watch silly tv shows. So I am starting a new picture, I actually have done a few necklaces over the last few day's and NEED to start a new painting.
I am making a sand castle. This one on raw canvas. I have a ton of it having collected it over the years for different projects but could not use it for my pictures because I can't use a regular embroider hoop with it. My mom gave me a square scrolling embroidery frame the other day and it is perfect. The slits for my canvas are the perfect size. When the frame is all together I have just the right amount of work area and I can roll a good amount of canvas so that when I need to I just scroll it up or down . I am tickled about this. Now I don't have to wait until I have money to buy stretchers and have them done for me, I can make pictures and have them stretched as I can.
I have not yet decided on the background for this, either it will be setting on the beach or underwater with a few beaded fishes coming home, I will decide as I go along.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Jewelry

It's officially summer now. Sadly I am not excited. I have alway's loved summer, the warmer the better. Since I got sick, I don't do so well, seem to feel lousy alot in the summer and that makes me sad. Ironically, I just spent two day's cooped up in my house because I seem to have given myself a little case of food poisoning. Feeling better today though and decided it's is time to spend a few day's whipping up quick and easy summer chokers. I am working on a goal of getting my shop back up to 100 items and more would be great. Hard to do when I'm working on my amulet bags and pictures but a handful of simple summer stuff will help alot.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finished and Listed

I guess I have found the key to getting alot of product done for me. I am still going through a ton of bad stuff at home between problems with my daughter, worries because we are still in limbo with Tori, not feeling good, on and on and on.....Seems the more stressed out I get the more I try to focus on my beadwork and block out the rest of my life. I've only spent a few day's on this Carousel Horse, finished, varnished and listed it in my Etsy shop today. Now I am sitting here going through my pile of pictures deciding what I want to do next. Hmmmmm. I guess there are a few good things about being stressed alot ;o)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Something is still really wrong with blogspot. When I sign in I get my dashboard, I can read other blogposts. I can post my own new post. I am signed in. But.....when I click to view my blog....it say's "sign in". I can read my post but if I try to reply to a comment...it asks me to sign in, so I sign in again, type my reply and click. It show's my post as "anonymous" and when I click again......it disappears. So long story short, this has been going on for a number of weeks and I can't seem to get it too change. If you commented, I have replied but it just won't stick!!!
Is any one else having this issue??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer memories

Sorry, I will never understand why my pictures end up sideway's or upside down when they are perfectly upright in my documents. Any way, my next beaded painting will be a carousel horse. At some point this summer, some of my work will be displayed in the Art Gallery in Soave Faire. So to that end I think it would be only fitting to do some pictures that connect with the area. Growing up we had an old fashioned park with rides and swimming and food carts. One of the most memorable things for me was the Carousel. Many years later the park closed and the city of Saratoga Springs bought the carousel, restored every piece and then set it up in one of our local parks. It is still operating there and I love to watch the little ones ride it. So now to work on my Carousel Horse.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saratoga Artfest

Today was our Town's Artfest. All over town, artists working, singer's singing, musicians playing. All week long it's been hot, the sun has been as bright as could be. This morning I woke up to rain. And more rain. I was set up in front of the store I work in , Soave Faire. The point was to bring attention to our full art department, a lot of people are unaware how extensive our art supply is and many don't know we carry some nice jewelry making supplies. So rain or no rain I set up my little card table, put lot's of samples of the different types of beading I do and spent a few hours beading and chatting with the few people who wandered by between the rain drops. The weather was a downer and truly cut down on the amount of foot traffic we should have seen but I enjoyed myself any way. I find the older I get the easier it is to talk to people and I love any opportunity to show off my beading skills!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Bouquet

My new picture is done and I have to tell you I am so very happy with it! I get teased alot because I like alot of sparkle so I did not use one tiny bit of glitter in this picture. Oh I was so very tempted but I made myself stay away from the glitter paint and instead did some dry brushing with some antique white. Not perfect, I haven't done any drybrushing in a while and I find the brushes I have are less than perfect for the job but I still ended up with the effect I wanted so it's done and listed to my total satisfaction.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Loving my work

I'm feeling productive tonight, even though I worked today I managed to list a new wish bag in my Etsy shop tonight, and have spent the evening working on my newest beaded painting. This one is progressing really, really slowly but I am okay with that because I am loving the way it's coming out. As I sit here stitching my beads into place I am imagining what I want to add to the purple background to soften it up a bit. I used purple because of the colors that will be in all the flowers by the time I'm done but I am thinking if I do some dry brushing with white paint, very softly, it's going to subdue it to just the right shade. I have so many pictures in my head that I want to do these beaded painting's of, I will never find the time to get at half of them so I'll keep stitching.

Giveaway Winner

Today is June 1st, the day we pick the winner of my amulet bag giveaway. Sadly, even though I advertised as best I could I only got comments from a few people and only one commented on my shop. Donna from DZ Fantasy did comment ( a bit too nicely) but she is a great person, an amazing fiber artist and I am happy she will own this bag. If your ever in the market for a gorgeous little fairy, check out www.dzfantasy.etsy.com. Her work is gorgeous. I am the proud owner of 2 of her pieces and plan on having more when I can.