Friday, November 7, 2014

Still ticking away

Several more weeks have passed, the clock still ticks along and I wonder where the time goes.  My thoughts go from one extreme to the other because time is going by quickly and I wonder how is it that I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  Yet the time drags, day after day, dad and I have our routine set and we have the same things on our schedule every day.  Truth be told I have a lot of time on my hands to create that I did not have when at home with my normal day to day things.  I seem to be always working on a tray of beads, yet never seem to have much done.  My common sense tells me this is not true, beadweaving and stitching is a very time consuming craft, which means if I get several items done in a weeks time I have actually done a great deal of work.  So why do I feel like I am not accomplishing?  Maybe it is just the isolation, having no one around to talk to, share my progress with, bounce ideas off of.  Lets face it, living with a sick person who can not hear means there is never any type of conversation or interaction that will speed my day's along. 

The fact is I am settled with our routine for how ever long it lasts.  When it changes I will truly be ready for changes.  I am accomplishing things and if blogger would let me figure out how to put my pictures in, I would show you! 

For now I will continue to trudge through our days, follow our routine, miss my mom a bit more every day, and spend time thinking about what I want out of life in the months to come.  I do hope each and every one of you are looking towards our holiday season!