Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A great change for a lousy week

This past week has been horrible. I told you about our illness in the house. Who gets a flu bug in the summer? We are over it. I was vacuuming my room the other day , stuck the vacuum under my desk and heard this horrible noise and my vacuum stopped working. Took it a part and there is something large and fabric stopped up in the handle part just up past the hose where I cannot take it a part. I have about 1" of dog hair in here, my bull mastif is shedding the winter coat. I walked into my kitchen to a huge puddle of water. My refrigerator died.
Only place that keeps anything somewhat cold is the very back of the top shelf. Who the heck has money for a new refrigerator? Not me so for a while we eat only what I can keep in the freezer or pantry. Anything that has to be refrigerated has to be bought and eaten same day. Okay now it gets better. Doing some laundry, my smoke detector goes off. No fire, nothing cooking but the vent hose came off my dryer, it is directly under the smoke detector which also detects heat. Okay, I am a big girl. I take all my clothes and hang them out on the porch. It is warm and sunny. Less than 1/2 hour later, it is pouring out!
Yesterday morning we once again had no phone, no internet and I got stuff to do. Yeah this is getting to be such a fun week.
On top of all this, I had a custom order for a beige Amulet bag. I have had it for a while for a July birthday. I haven't had the money to put a good seedbead order into Fire Mountain, where I usually get the specific brand of seedbeads I like so I decide I have to bite the bullet and go to the craft store. My sister picks me up and takes me to AC Moore, no Beige seedbeads. We go over to Walmart, no Beige seedbeads, now we hit the Northway to hit up Michaels. 2 small tubes of Beige seedbeads. This does half my bag. Now I have to bite the bullet and go to our one and only bead store in Saratoga Springs. All she has is some very, very small tubes of Beige seedbeads, in delica's and horribly overpriced but I have no choice, I buy them take them home and finish my bag. Now I am thinking that my customer is not going to be happy with this, she has already purchased some of my bags and the delicas make this seem so much smaller and "flimsy" any way I posted it in Etsy and sent her a message that she should take a look to see if it was what she wanted. Then I went down stairs to make supper. By the time I finished cooking, not only did she look she bought and payed for it and sent me a convo saying she loved it. Oh HOW HAPPY she made me. It was worth all the crap I have been through this week and now I am going to enjoy my evening.
My intent on writing this rant was to give you a smile, I hope it did cause I have one now..:)

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  1. That is wonderful that your customer loves the bag despite your misgivings. We are so much harder on our selves as crafters than others are (for the most part). Sorry such a lousy week - I've been there before - well, pretty much the whole month of May was like that for me. :)