Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Saturday

I hope everyone is having a great day. I am happy, it's a sunny day, I have accomplished some things but have a big to do list. I have a job interview tomorrow. I am very excited about this. Fingers and toes are crossed. Most of our local restaurants set up food booths at the Harness track all season long. Of course the racing season is only 6 weeks but still. A restaurant less than 2 blocks from me is looking for a person to come in nights after the dinner hour and do prep cooking for the meals that will be sold at the track. Simple stuff, cooking chickens, making sauces, slicing meats , about 4 hours a night. Perfect for me. No special cooking skills required, no chef exp. just plain years of cooking dinner for the family. Pretty much on my own, the kitchen is quiter because the restaurant is done serving for the day. And the hours are ideal, I work better at night, don't sleep well so I am up till 2 in the morning any way and don't have to worry about clocking in in the morning. Morning is tough for me, my pain is very much out of control and it takes a few hours of coffee and my meds before I can be the one in control of the pain. So, here is hoping that it goes well for me.
While I am out tomorrow, dressed up any way I will multitask. I will bring a tote of Avon books, town is full of people, I will bring my camera to show you around a bit more, in the mean time I just posted this new bag below in my Zibbet shop. I will you update tomorrow on how my day goes. Have a great weekend.

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