Monday, July 27, 2009

No good news

Hey everyone, how was your weekend. I did not post last night hoping to write really good news today. Now I am really bummed. Last Friday I applied for a job on line that really caught my eye. Within 2 hours of sending my resume via email I got a phone call. It was the head Chef/owner of the restaurant I applied at and we talked on the phone for a good 1/2 hour or more. We made an appointment to meet in person on Sunday and I was interviewing with him and a partner for a good hour. It went great, I was really psyched and felt really good and was really wanting this job. At the end of the interview he promised he was making a decision today and would call me (Monday) one way or the other. I have sat on top of the phone all day long. I have been afraid to leave the house for anything. It is now midnight and the phone hasn't rang. I am so bummed out over this, I guess I really wanted this particular job pretty badly but once again I have been passed over because of my age and disability (neither would have interfered with this position) actually being older with the Restaurant experiance I have would have been a asset to them soooo... I have to assume my disability has scared off another potential employer.
Any way on another note, I am experimenting again, playing with making keyrings with a beaded ornament on them. I will show you a few of my ideas soon. Mean while have a great evening.


  1. Hey Deb maybe the guy was snowed under busy and forgot to call anyone.So you never know ,I usually wait a few days before I call them if they don't call.It is nice if they call back as courtesy to let you know either way.If you don't get the job there's a better one out there for you.

  2. I'm sorry you were left waiting. I have to say, over the past years I've become increasingly disappointed in how people who interview do NOT get back to you, even when they say they will. I've interviewed with some pretty big operations for jobs I was more than qualified for...for some pretty high up positions and I don't even get a courtesy, "thanks but no thanks".

    Honestly, I always call back. I like to call and say "I was just calling to check in to see if you'd made a hiring decision"...sometimes they take longer than they expected or maybe they did go with someone else, but you deserve to know either way!