Saturday, July 11, 2009

No Beading for me

I was hoping to show you my finished bag by today but that wasn't in the cards. I have been outside for 2 day's helping my son. I have a very large shed. This past winter the snow and ice were so bad it caved the roof in. I live in the city so that is not allowed so the shed had to come down. No one showed up to help so I have been carting peices of aluminum to his truck as he pulls it down panel by panel. Emptying the shed out was a major ordeal. My son took a truck load of stuff to his house, besides his motorcycle, which really upsets him, he lives in a trailer park, no security, no place for a shed, all he can do is use a bike lock and a tarp to keep it safe. My front porch is loaded with stuff that needs to make it's way to my cellar, that should be fun because my cellar is loaded , well during this of course we had a lot of clean up in the yard to do and I ended deciding to send a lot of stuff to the dump or donate depending on what it was and after all this, we had to move my fence. The shed blocked one side of my yard and the fencing extended from that to keep my backyard secure so my big dog does not go strolling downtown. Taking down the shed left a gaping hole so we had to rearrange the posts to fill in so she couldn't get lose. As much as I hate to admit it, after two day's of work like this, when it started raining around 4:00 I was overjoyed! My son went to help someone else out and I came in the house, took 3 aspirin with a glass of iced tea, scrubbed some dirt off my arms and legs and took a long nap. Maybe tomorrow night I can get a picture of Bloomin Berries up here for you. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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