Saturday, June 27, 2009

A silly day

Some day's I look at my beads and I just want to play. I want to experiment, I want to try to do something new and different and just push the envelope with a bit of silliness. Usually when I have one of these day's I don't really care if I come up with anything in the end or not because it is just playtime. Sometimes though I surprise myself and make something that while it may be a bit unusual but I like it and this was one of those day's. I had a lot of left over beads from my peach USB bag but not enough for to awfully many things, so you know I have been working on some cuffs so I made up a plain cuff and sat thinking what could I do with it a little different. I beaded a glass marble and set it in the cuff but then I realized it was quite tall off the wrist. What could I do to minimize that? Well when I thought about doing fringed loops, all I could think of was a floppy flower so grabbed a few green seedbeads for a bit of contrast and some tiny little cheap pearls and just started looping and looping and looping. When I got done I thought well, this is definately different but you know what? I like it. It is silly, it is fun and yes regardless of that I like it and posted it in my Etsy shop. Funny how sometimes a little goofing off ends up in productive work time.

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