Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art on the Streets

One of the things I love about living in Saratoga Springs is that during the warm spring and summer months you can walk down Broadway which is our main street or through the park and see artists of many mediums set up at a card table working and you stop and watch them and admire what they do, speak with them , learn a bit about them and why they love what they do. Just something I get alot of enjoyment out of. Saratoga Springs is very art oriented and something that isn't just for the tourist season but for those of us who live here which is important because there are many drawbacks to living here including the horrible winter weather so I love being able to show you all the good things. I will probably do alot of it this summer.


  1. just found you on the forums...I'm a Poughkeepsie girl!! Sister owns a Motel in Saratoga! Great blog..I'm following ;-)

  2. Wonderful! you will have to let me know if you ever come to Saratoga to visit your sister.