Friday, July 3, 2009

First Friday Art Walk

I don't know how many people are doing this because I don't think it got advertised as well as it should have. A group of us are doing a First Friday sale in our Etsy shops. Just like many towns have a First Thursday or First Friday of the month Art walk and sale in the town, we are doing it the First Friday of each month on Etsy. I decided it sounded like a fun thing to do and as people learn about it maybe it will turn in to a good thing. I think for me, it will be a good way to clean out some stock or at least a possibility of cleaning out stock because I have decided I don't like having so much just laying around the studio without having it up for sale. So, I just listed my first 2 items and hope to list one more before bed tonight then list a few throughout the day. If nothing else maybe it will get me some views tomorrow. I wish everyone a wonderful, safe 4th of July weekend.

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