Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's work

I finished another lip balm holder today and actually got my pictures and posted it in my Etsy store. I surprised myself because I haven't been feeling good and napped all afternoon. I have spent the last 2 days, up until last night with no internet, phone or cable. A wire to the modem broke outside my house. I was going crazy not being able to follow my schedule, checking emails, my Etsy, twitter etc and etc. That is so sad that I have become so dependant on something like this but boy do I realize how much having it has helped me stay involved and busy and socializing. It has been quiet here and I do enjoy that, we only have 3 weeks before school is out for summer and my daughter is going to be very busy so I may be doing a lot of babysitting. Hopefully not, would like to have some time this summer for me. Sounds terrible but even if I felt better, I am getting a bit old for chasing a 6 year old around all summer long:)
My item is in the giveaway today on the indiestyle blog, hoping it gets a good response. Now, I would like to go take another nap but instead, I will start a new bit of beadwork.

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