Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gettin Busy

Well I made a decision this last few day's that I needed to find a different outlet for promoting both my Etsy shop and My Avon Shop. So , I have applied to several summertime craft shows. By doing so, I have just created a huge amount of work for me. First of all I have to bead double time. I do not want to remove items from my Etsy shop. It seem's to take so long to add to my shop that I just prefer to leave them there. So I need to make a bunch of things to take to the shows. Here we go with the simple bracelets and bookmarks. I need to order alot of material and assemble for Avon. Some of these crafts shows I will be doing double duty. Selling my jewelry and Doing a Avon Fundraiser for the organization of the show. What I really need to do is come up with a really eyecatching business card and they must be plentiful. I have an idea though. Use colorful cardstock, just have My name, phone number, email and 2 website printed long way and cut the card into bookmarks. Punch a hole in the type and thread with a little ribbon. If the time is available use clear adhesive covering to kind of "Laminate them" . Any way's a lot to think about and do in a rather short time. I just hope I can do all this without neglecting my Etsy shop terribly. Worth a shot, need to be more proactive in getting my name out there.

Do you have your own website? Know any one who does? I would absolutely love to trade links at:

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.

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  1. Both etsy and craft shows require creating a large "inventory" of items - only a fraction of which you will sell. I really suggest you take you etsy inventory to the fair - if it sells at the craft fair you have wasted a .20 listing fee on etsy. In the unlikely event you sell an item on etsy the day you sell it at a show, you could then make another item or apologize to the buyer and tell them it sold today before I unlisted it. Either way, You have won - you got the sale.