Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy ness

I have had a really busy few day's and haven't got a bit of bead work done to show for it. Monday, had to go to Albany with My Mom and Sister, my Aunt recently had a heartattack and after surgery and coming home decided she needed to clean out her craft supplies because she couldn't handle walking to her second floor and just trying to down size things. I worried that when she got feeling better she would want to start crafting again but say's most of the supplies hadn't been touched in years. I came home with a car ful of stuff. My sister and I need to sit down and split it up, we have material, lace, ribbon, beads, fun foam, stencil patterns, plastic canvas, felt, yeah, lots of stuff. Last weekend my daughter took my granddaughter and a friend to the Americade motorcycle rally in Lake George. They took my camera so I am thinking I am going to have some great pictures to post. This event is so awesome, if you like motorcycles, it draws the simplest to the most extreme, some of the art work alone on these bikes is simply amazing and to see so many thousands of every description under the sun in one place is awesome. Any way, this morning I uploaded the pictures from the camera thinking I would pick out just one really cool picture here and the entire camera, I mean the entire camera was full of pictures of my granddaughter and her friend posing. One, ONE picture of a motorcycle, plain, no airbrushed painting, no cool tattoo decals, just a plain everday blue motorcycle????? I guess 13 year olds have their own set of what's cool! Any way, sorry, no planned eye candy today unless you want to see my granddaughter posing for the camera. I am working on an idea, to use up some of this fabric without neglecting my beads, I'll tell you about it later.

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