Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Okay, I am officially old. Yesterday my Grandson graduated from kinder-garten. We proudly attended the ceremony in the horribly hot school gym which was very cute and brought the usual gramma tear to my eye but within the minutes after the ceremony I was ready to leave. We were all invited to stay and have icecream sundaes with the kids and I thought I would lose my mind with about 70 kindergarten kids running wild around the gym. I no longer have the patience to watch that and enjoy it anymore so we have decided that we are glad these things are done. Except my son has not had children yet so I will probably be doing it again at some point.
Thought I would show you what is apparently now the newest fashion statements for teenage girls. My grandaughter got this hat at the Americade. It is actually quite eyecatching with a lot of sparkle and bling but who would know because we must wear it sideways. Okay? Any way, another school year is finally over, I for one look forward to summer vacation each year with out relaxed schedules. So, even though it is a bit early, Happy Summer everyone.

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