Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How did I get so busy?

Wow, I have had so much going on. After doing the Etsy Yart Sale, I followed through on what I committed myself to doing and went in and cleaned house. I feel like I have just given myself a really fresh start. I will remain positive that this was good for me, we shall see but as I told my sister, I will remember her when I become a World renowned, beadweaving , Avon lady millionare. It just has to happen. Yesterday, I spent hours trying to fix a problem. I know better than to ever click on anything in either my email, or websites or twitter that I am not sure of. Sunday, I made the mistake on clicking on this twittertrain because I was just so curious why so many people were tweeting it. What a mistake that was. I just went in looked around, followed a few people on there that looked interesting. The next thing I know, I am not even on the computer and my twittername is telling people to get on the twittertrain to get 500 new followers. Well this really really ticked me off. First of all this is not something I agreed to do. I don't like spam and that last thing I would ever do is be involved in it. Well I spent along time trying to stop that including contacting twitter spam for help. Then I decided to clean house and got rid of everybody that is always pushing a link to make money with this and that, then I cleaned out all the people that did nothing but constantly promote. Well I think we all joined twitter to promote but once a day mixed with just some fun conversation is enough. Then I got rid of all the very pretty but suspicious girls that turned out to be cam girls for porn, although well disguised. Oh yah, I gave the boot to at least 10 people that wan't me to see Britney spears porn tapes. Well in the end, this took hours but I have to say signing into twitter this morning was pleasant, I was able to see all the fun tweeters that I used to and be able to interact with them and of course that is the fun part of being on this. Today my Avon order came. Someone screwed up big time. I always order 30 books. I only have about 10 customers and the rest I just pass out randomly. Avon sent me 180 books. Wow, I can't afford to pay for them. I can't afford to send them back that would cost me a fortune! I wrote them an email and while I am waiting to hear back from them. I better come up with a strategy. Who knows if I break my neck trying to give out all these books maybe I will gain a bunch of new customers. Well now I am beat. But of course, I am babysitting. Time for the kids to settle down so I think I will bead while waiting for sleep to take over for the little one. Although, I might look around for a while to see if I can change my page around a bit. I thought I really liked the black page with white writing but I am not so sure now.
Well, have a great night, maybe I will be able to show some pictures tomorrow.

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