Monday, August 24, 2009

Share your opinion please

I have a wonderful, lovely repeat customer who has been very loyal to me for several years. I have just recently received a request from her looking for a little gift that she gives to about 20 some people each year that she works with. I thought about bookmarks but she thinks she has already done that. Bracelets are hard because do you have a 6", 7" or an 8" wrist? Necklaces? everyone's taste is so individual and different. I told her I was just starting to experiment with keychains and she liked the basic idea. Last night I made these 4 different ones. Let me tell you a bit about each.
#1. I would love these but with alot more dangles. this was just to thin with the six strands but I can see it being quite presentable with 10 to 12.

#2. I like this just the way it is. I love fringe, I love mixing different shades of a color.

#3. I think this one would be very adaptable for either a woman or man depending on the color choices and stone choices around the cab.

#4. This was the only thing I could come up with strictly masculine. I can picture it in say Black with silver stripes running through it. Maybe a bit wider.

So what I need is opinions. Which one draws your eye? What do you think would be saleable? Truly looking for a number of opinions and that will give me an average of which one is best liked. Thank you!!


  1. I vote B or D... I love the color of the beads in that simple strip, I don't think it's too masculine but I also really like the fringe in B -- plus everyone plays with their keys and it's fun to hold something fringe-y.

  2. I love #2, but I can see the problem if given to a male. Perhaps #4 is better for males and she could give you a number of male recipients. But #2 is my fav!! =D

  3. I like's simple but still really pretty :)

  4. I also love #2 - B, but D would definitely work for men in darker colors.

    Great job, Deb!