Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fixing my Dilema

I often find myself sitting in the studio, getting ready to create a new item and thinking , boy I need to go bead shopping sooooo badly. I don't have anything to work with. Well the translation to that thought is, I want a new color. I want some new beads that I haven't used already or a gemstone I haven't played with. The fact is I have been beading for more than 30 years. I always have beads. The problem is they are leftovers from projects I have already done. Might just be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The fact of the matter is I just loooooove buying beads. The next fact is I can't. I don't have the funds to buy beads. Right now, work is not selling, don't forsee much in sales until summer is done. Well then it is really time to get creative. I just showed you my beaded keyrings the other day. I really like them. Today I am going to put the beads aside and see what I have left in sculpey and make a bunch of cabs in different colors to keep going with the idea. What else can I do? Well as I said, I have jar after jar after jar of leftovers from past projects. I thought about doing some destash sales. I may still do that with a few things but for the most part, I have a problem parting with any bead until it is part of a peice of jewelry. So I started thinking about how I could use them in embroidered items which I enjoy doing but actually do very little of. Well this butterfly is my end product of thinking along these lines and it gives me ideas to move forward. If I can just utilize all the odds and ends I have then I will be able to justify Bead shopping when I have the money with a totally clear , guilt free need.
I love it when I can actually let my mind free to come up with new ideas.

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