Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hat's Off Saratoga

Saratoga Springs, New York. In July and August that means Horse racing, the Saratoga Harness tracks brings huge amounts of people into the city every summer. Our economy is very dependant on this season. During the winter months it is like they rolled up the sidewalks but during the summer season the tens of thousands of people coming to Saratoga springs help keep every business we have thriving the rest of the year. Restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, independant business of every kind under the sun make the years profit during these 2 months. Any way, the week the track opens is celebrated with what is called the Hat's Off festival. Up and down Broadway, the main drag in the City has different types of musicians and music, people roam up and down the street in everything from shorts and tanks to lovely summer dresses and heels. It is free so not only are the tourists celebrating, those of us who live here are too. There is everykind of food under the sun from Ice Cream to Pizza in peoples hands as they wander stopping to listen to this music and that, all the restaurants have rolled out the outdoor seating areas, some of the stores stay open late for window shoppers. I am very lucky that I live right here in walking distance of all of this activity. My mom and my sister joined me this year and a photographer asked to take our picture, I said yes we should because it may be the last time we can do this together. My mom as stubborn as she is has a very hard time walking for any length of time so this may be her last year as far as strolling Broad way. So here we are, mom sitting on the right, sister Donna standing behind and yup the big one sitting on the left is me, your very own Debsparkles. Just a little more summer fun!

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