Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Summer Day's

I haven't posted for a few day's. Haven't had much to talk about. Or maybe I have been the horrible humidity has made me feel like I am working under water. I alway's said I wanted to move somewhere where it was warm all year as compared to where I am where we get two months summer and 10 months winter, forget spring and fall they are almost non existent. Unfortunately I have found that since I got sick, I do not deal well with the hot weather. More specifically the humidity we are having this summer. I just do not want to leave the house. After I have been out for 10 minutes I feel sick to my stomach, on the edge of just fainting. I can't stand the sweat running down my face, so Ladylike!
Any way, my daughter is home all week and we have been pulling stuff together for a one day sidewalk sale this weekend, time to unload the excess stuff we always seem to have. We will work through till Friday night then hope for traffic Saturday. I had another job interview today at another deli/restaurant, will wait a few day's to hear something. Had a horrible fight with my next door neighbor a few day's ago and still feeling sick over it. But I shouldn't , wont' go into the long and boring story but she is one of those people who will use every agency possible, every person around her possible and suck up every bit of free help she can get while she and her husband sit on their fat **** letting every one support them instead of working. She has taken advantage of me and mine many times over the years and I have never said a word, did what I could and tried to stay a pleasant decent person. This week she did some things to my family that crossed the line and I let it all out. I don't think I will have to deal with her any more. Any way with all this stuff going on I haven't accomplished much beadwork and and probably won't until we get this sidewalk sale thing out of the way. I can't say yard sale cause we don't have a yard:) I will let you know how it goes. Hope you all are having a great week, I am going to go lay down in front of the AC.


  1. The Texas heat has been obnoxious all summer and I keep hoping it will stop soon...even though I know it won't! I almost refuse to go outside after 10 AM.

    UGH neighbors...mine was out mowing at almost 9 PM tonight and I wanted to go out there and deck someone!

  2. Here in RI we've had terrible weather. It's just in the last couple of weeks it's started to feel like summer. And now the summer is almost over :(