Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking towards tomorrow.

Hey everyone. Today was my third day at my new job. Tomorrow I have the day off and my oh my do I need it. I forgot what it was like to get up and go to work everyday even if it is only 4 hours. Any way, I really like my job. There is alot to learn, very fast paced and so many different kinds of sandwhiches and salads to learn. What is cool though, we have the entire menu up over the deli area where I make the food and each item has it's name then the entire list of ingrediants so I just find the right name, follow along with the different items and check the slip if they want something left out or different. So it is just a matter of getting calm and focused one item at a time until they start to stay in my head. The routine is pretty easy to learn. During the lunch time it is really fast paced one order after another but once it slows down you know automatically to start refilling all the bowls before the supper rush starts. Lots of little things to learn as far as the different foods on some of these sandwhiches, I have never touched an Avocado in my life, I have learned how to slice and dice and put it into a salad. Learned how to put hummus in a wrap, another food I have no experiance with. Just so many little things. But it is just a matter of time, right now it is tough because it seems like so much to learn but I don't think it will take long and once it becomes familiar I will get quicker.
Of course I have had to take 2 tylenol before work and 2 more as soon as I get home but that is to be expected. My legs and feet are killing me and here again it just will take time until my body is used to it again. But very happy to have tomorrow and Saturday off to rest, work on my jewelry, list some things in my shops and get Avon books out. On Sunday back in with a little more confidence.
All in all I really think I like it and have a good time with it.


  1. I am glad you like your new job. A lot of stuff I have no idea what it is either, although I have messed with avacados, I have no idea what hummus is, and don't want to find out, although I have heard of it before. Your feet and legs will soon get used to work again. Mine would probably hurt, too. I know they would.


  2. You had me at "humuus wrap" :) I love those...though I'm not an avocado I don't find myself chopping them all that often. I'm really glad you are enjoying your job, even if it is exhausting.

  3. Congratulations on your new job, Deb! Hope it works out for you! I'm sure it will.


  4. LOL. That's funny. Soon you will be an expert at preparing food that you personally don't eat. What a weird experiece my children will have if they go into the food industry - they are picky eaters and don't eat "exotic" food - like spinach, brussel sprouts, cabbage, peas, lima beans, much less hummus and avacado.