Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday Motivation Part 2

Well I am definately wondering what got into me today. Last night I put 4 items up on Ebay and this morning woke up with a bid on each item. That started my day out well because it was the last thing I expected. Then I decided to get some work done and finished the two items below. The cuff got listed in my Etsy shop and the keyring was sent to my Zibbet shop. Now I have 2 different amulet bags on my table that are in progress and if I finish one of them tonight (or this morning since it is after midnight) I will go to bed amazed with myself. Course I may want to stay in bed half the day to make up for working this hard but it has been a while since I have accomplished so much at one time so it feels good. I feel like I have been in blog for a while and actually I have, when I decide to post I spend quite a while reading other people's updates before I move on to my own post. Something I wanted to point out....... several times I have gone into this person or that persons blog to comment, write my comment and when you try to type the word verification, the screen won't let you scroll down to it so you post can't be finished. I wonder if it is just me or the persons blog? It's just a bit frustrating because if I really enjoy what I just read I would like to let the blogger know. Any way, time to think about bed so have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Wow you had a busy day.
    I think it is a blogger glitch. That happens to me sometimes also
    Love the cuff btw