Sunday, October 4, 2009

Their Back

Hi everyone. Today's post is just a kind of catch up the week visit. First of all, the cold weather is starting to hit here in Upstate New York. That means it is time to start adding my sequined ornaments back into my shop. I chose this picture since it is Breast Cancer awareness month but little by little I will add all my different designs in because the Holiday season is the time that I truly sell these. I probably should devote a bit more time to creating some new patterns and stuff, jewelry sales have gotten slower and slower. Any way make sure and take a peak every once in a while into my Etsy shop. I don't think I will bother adding them to Zibbet. Course, I have been slowly adding to my Zibbet shop for a few months now and not had any sales. With my time more limited now I am wondering if the Zibbet shop is worth it but it costs me nothing but time unless I make a sale so we shall see.

This week my grandson brought me home my first school year cold. I woke up yesterday with my throat so sore I could not talk, swollen glands, both my ears hurt. I went to work any way since I was not coughing and my nose wasn't running. Just made it through my shift. Today my nose is running, terrible pain through my face in my sinuses and the cough is starting. My boss actually called me this morning and told me to take the day off today to get some rest because she knew I was struggling yesterday and really needed me tomorrow. That was super nice. I don't think I have ever had a boss who cared that I didn't feel good. They all wanted me there working even if I was dying so this was a pleasant surprise so I did stay home from work and trying to get some extra rest. I hope I can get the runny nose under control before work tomorrow, it is difficult because I have severe high blood pressure and the the medication I take to control it does not deal with cold medications even the ones that are supposed to be ok to take with HB meds.

My job: I still love it. I will be very honest. Physically it has turned into quite a challenge, I am able to stay strong while I am working and I am slowly but steadily getting better at my job, but once I am home I am just wiped out and in a lot of pain. It is interfering with all my other activities. I am making very slow progress with my shops, getting little jewelry made, just to tired and not motivated. I still have hope that this will get easier as I go along, it has only been a month since I started working after being home for 5 years. Emotionally this job is doing wonders for me. I feel confident that after a while I will be able to get my household expenses under control again and if nothing else know I won't be homeless at any given time. I enjoy being out in public again, learning a new skill and I work with some very awesome people. The whole crew is a lot younger than I am but that's okay with me!

So, now that we are caught up again, it is getting dark out, I have a few dishes to do then going to just sit and work quitely in my studio just a little bit then try to lay back down with a little prayer that my nose gives me a break tonight and tomorrow. Hope you have all had a great weekend.

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  1. Nice summary of jobs : They have benefits and drawbacks. I'm glad you seem to look at the bright side of things.