Friday, October 16, 2009

My house is coooold!

In one weeks time my house has gone from being a little cool but comfortable at night to needing to turn on the furnace and all the critters are protesting. This Milo our cat. My grandaughter went away this weekend and when she packs for a weekend she has to empty her closet and drawers and throw everything on the bed.. Milo appreciated it alot, got in the middle and cuddled down. He usually prefers to be outside prowling at night. Guess he has decided to come in and stay warm and do his prowling during the day.


  1. LOL Pets always find the sofest spots to snuggle and get warm!

    I have not turned the furnace on yet. I won't in October! Although the way the seasons are chnaging around, I may just have to rethink that! LOL

    FOllowing you.

  2. our cats love it when clothes are laying around too!