Saturday, October 10, 2009

A tour of my Studio

I have been really sick this past week. I have only been to work 3 times in the last seven day's and as lousy as I feel I am pushing myself to get some work done in the studio. I spent some time today trying to think of a subject to blog about because I have neglected it badly this week. While I was thinking I was browsing, I love looking at the pictures of people's studio's. So I decided to be very very brave and give you a tour of mine except for the corner where my bed is because my dogs make it a horrible mess every day! This first picture is at my desk directly in front of me, of course you can see I am starting my own Drugstore trying to beat this mess and right in front is the project I am working on today. I wanted to make a large bag. I am using a large paper towel tube from work to bead on to give the work some support. I like bringing them home from work because they are much thicker and stronger than what we get at home. I don't have this bag completely thought out yet, just know I wanted to make it large so need to spend some time thinking about how I want to decorate it. So lets move around the room a bit, although I keep trying to re arrange it to make it easier to access the things I use the most keep in mind this is the attic in my house with sloping ceilings and decorating possibilities are very limited as is floor space.

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