Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bye Bye Twitter

I have had a really crappy few day's. I have lost alot of time from work because I have been really sick and medicated to the hilt. My paycheck this week was really short when I really needed a full weeks pay but went to cash it , on the way home, took a hell of a fall. I do have problems with my balance from my disabilities and was not being careful, hit a patch of uneven sidewalk and went crashing down on my knees and a wrist that I used to protect my head from hitting so now I look like I have been totally worked over with a 2x4. Fortunately I am on a 2 day off schedule to stay quiet and work at reducing the swelling in the knees and wrist before work tomorrow. But today was one of those days that I felt no choice but to do something I did not want to do and plain and simple It pissed me off.
I love twitter. I use it daily, I promote, I show pictures of my work and I just like to sit and read other peoples stuff and interact. I will never say it is something I needed for my business because it has been worthless as far as that goes. It was just fun. Anyway....... I stupidly clicked on a dm this morning. It looked legit because the sender was someone I have interacted with many times. It brought up a twitter page telling me I wasn't signed in. I knew I was because I was there checking my messages but thought I had been kicked off somehow and resigned in.
Bottom line it was a phishing attempt in I fell right into the trap. Well I know enough now, when something like that happens to go in and change my passwords, so I did. Then signed out to go on to other things. Later, I went to sign in to Twitter and It told me I was using the wrong password, now mind you I used the new one that I changed to so I went back in and signed in with my old password and it let me in. So at this point I am thinking for some reason it did not go through when I made the change even though it told me it did so I went and tried to change it again . It told me I was using the wrong one. So I went back and forth for a while between passwords trying to see which one they would accept and no matter what I did it told me I was using the wrong thing. So I gave up and thought about it for a while. Since I could not find a way to get help, I don't feel like it was worth being involved in any kind of phishing scam or spam or having anyone trying to get into any of my other stuff, I ended up deleting my account. Not happy about it but felt like I had no choice so just really mad tonight!


  1. I had something like this happen to me on twitter the other day. Only what happened to me was that one minute I was logged on and the next I was logged off. I hadn't clicked on any DM though. I did log back on, and so far nothing has happened, but I have heard about all this twitter crap before. I really don't care for twitter all that much and basically opened an account because I was finally able to get them to shut down the fake PussDaddy, so I figured I should make one while I am the only person who is really me.

    I am so sorry you are sick. I am pretty sick too. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.


  2. Sorry your sick too Puss, I was really miserable last night and of course today I feel kind of stupid to get so upset over such a minor waste of time. I guess I need to find more to do with my time than play on the computer like maybe create something! You feel better soon too!

  3. I'm so sorry you're sick and you took that terrible fall. I hope you're feeling better soon!